Lockey Cloud Service

Rreal time location, safety & security solution, available as a modular service or scalable platform to enable ubiquitous monitoring of stationary & mobile assets, people and their vitals.

The solution is a synthesis of latest sensing technologies – global & local positioning, telematics and telemedicine with intelligent object and event recognition over wireless networks


Lockey Software, Infrastructure and Platform as a service:

Each asset is equipped with an electronic Lockit tag, smartphone or installable device set, delivers the following  capabilities and situation awareness:

•Detection of the current location, direction & speed of the moving object
•Data acquisition from several cameras, sensors, aggregation and delivery to the24x7 dispatch center on demand or periodically;
•Receives object control commands from the dispatch center;
•Collects route information and stores it in the «Black Box» if connection to server is lost;
•Special functions can be configured depending on the object location area;
•Business process management, HRM, integration with accounting systems (ERP, 1C), analysis and reports, fuel & mileage control,
•Remote engine start-up/shut-down system, object engineering services control;
•Registration of data to an electronic database and map visualization of object’s history of movement and sensor activity history;
•Registration and audio recording of operator conversations & activities;
•Extensive reporting and alerting;
•Secure client access to object information via web interface.

Currently, Lockey maintains emergency operations and provides decision support in crisis management as well as serving fleet and operations management for  hundreds of SME’s and municipal authorities.