ARNEGA-COMPACT provides live broadcasting of audio and video data from emergency sites. The maximum allowable distance between the operational worker (rescuer, first aider, etc) and the local communication module is 500 meters (up to 1000 meters in the ARNEGA-COMPACT M version, the difference is better protection against interferences).


Computing & communication device

  • Communication equipment;
  • Power supply system (built-in 12V battery with charger; option to connect an external battery 12 ± 3V);

Intelligent equipment suit

  • Interactive protected helmet (or a lightweight headset version) that includes a detachable videocamera, a laser pointer and a LED light;
  • Light tactical vest that includes a power supply system (24V) with an option to connect an external battery 10.5-28 V; a GLONASS/GPS tracker; additional equipment; audio and video communication modules.

Battery life is at least 4 hours.
Weight of main communication and computing module is 4.3 kg.


Basic version – 7383 euro
ARNEGA-COMPACT M – 15 117 euro


ARNEGA-COMPACT is fully compatible with ARNEGA-MED.