Mobile Situation Awareness & Videoconferencing Complex for in field crisis and emergency management. Fast to setup and run, provides multiple video sources management including wired and wireless video links for resque squads and drones. Deliveres professional quality software and hardware video conferencing and full session audio & video logging.


Video presentation

Basic Modules

Compact Integrated unit:
embedded computer, software or hardware video codec, COFDM A/V receiver, touchscreen-monitor, sound system, frontal webcam, field IP cameras and operators POV video stream collector and retranslator, FM-radio subsystem, full session A/V logging & archiving option, system operation (to/H/Battery) & access control module, 3G (LTE) and WiFi modules, integrated power module (AC/Ext/Int Batteries). Four hours operation via inner battery with full load,  from -5 to 45oС and up to 98%H. IP67 in transportation mode.

PTZ camera module:
tripod with liquid-vial level indicator, integrated smart power module, 1080p/720р HD PTZ or Dome IP67 camera, PoE or WiFi automatic backup connection. Two hours operation in wireless battery mode, automatic switch into wireless mode and power level indication.     Helmet module: operators tactical (Ops-Core-based) or defensive (MSA Gallet-based) helmet, laser pointer, 720р HD 30 FPS camera, LED flashlight module.

Vest module:
utility vest, micro-PC-based encoding device, COFDM primary video transсeiver, LTE secondary video stream transceiver, GPS/GLONASS/Galileo geolocation module, operators peripheral devices commutation system, primary and secondary rechargeable batteries for vest and helmet modules devices with 2,5 hours operation from each battery.
“Arnega-VCS” Special Software, providing up to four video streams on split-screen, geolocated real time operators status wearing vest modules on preloaded map allowing to operate even without Internet access, operators vital signs and environment conditions telemetry, data archiving.

Optional Modules

  • Automated in vehicle two monitors workplace for operator and expert;
  • Buildings geometry optical analysis assistance, specialized software module;
  • Unmanned aircraft vehicle control system with environment monitoring, radioactivity and toxic gas-detection module;
  • LPWan long range geolocation and sensors telemetry to ground station from UAV and staff vital signs;
  • 1080p panoramic fisheye and/or PTZ cameras mounted on 6.5m pneumatic mast with WiFi backup channel and integrated smart power battery.