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Airmobile complex ARNEGA-UDHM is designed to monitor road conditions and road interchanges, support construction and provide situational awareness in emergency situations. The complex is built on the basis of a multirotor (6-8) engine) Arnega-DXM UAV with the ability to work in tethered and autonomous flight modes. Volkswagen Amarok or Kamaz is used as a car platform, where it is possible to install several UAVs in the turret subsystem.

Lifting height: Hexacopter – 50 m Octocopter – 100 m

Temperature range: – 15С – + 45С

Payload mass: hexacopter – up to 3 kg. Octocopter – up to 5 kg.

Protection class IP43


The UAV of the complex is equipped with two interchangeable power plants, an intelligent 20 Ah battery for autonomous or remotely piloted flights, and a cable tether with a power supply system from a ground-based electric generator. There is an emergency landing system in case of cable cable break or electric generator failure.
The UAV is installed in a special take-off and transportation container with an automatic control system for the cable tension. The container in the closed state is removed from the vehicle to store the UAV in a safe place, as well as carrying out routine maintenance. UAV is transported in full readiness for takeoff. The power supply of the container / UAV is produced from the 220V network based on the Honda EU30-is gasoline generator.

Optical subsystem

It consists of a replaceable industrial camera with a 30X optical + 6X digital zoom or a thermal imager on a three-axial gyro-stabilized suspension for night mode. Possible installation of multispectral dual camera day / night (TV + Thermal Imager). Recording is made on microSD media onboard the camera and broadcasting the HD video stream to the automotive control complex with parallel streaming by means of secure mobile Internet to the servers of the authorized GAIS.

Optional equipment

The complex allows to install a subsystem of meteorological and radiation-chemical monitoring, flashing beacons, searchlights, as well as communication management systems, relaying and signal amplification, including mobile Internet (LTE femtocell) and GSM equipment. The extended PRO version kit includes a data aggregator for 4-7 LTE channels that guarantees broadcasting HD quality video data to the network of any available mobile operator. The complex also includes a high-performance IP65 execution server that provides streaming broadcasting with overlayed meteorological data and geolocation. Optionally, video analytics software is installed to calculate the density of the flow of vehicles and / or search for specified objects. The latest version of power system is capable to drop the cable and UAV can run autonomous mission following the captured target.