Body Sensor Network (BSN)

Wearable system for preventive vital signs monitoring during strenuous physical activities and daily life.
Consists of of configurable smartware suit aggregating data of  multiple body sensors and  translating it to the cloud.


A portable smart preventive monitoring  biosensor platform that allows to correlate data received from a variety of sensors in a noisy environment (“on-the-go” mode).

  • Product: wearable t-shirt/cuff with a set of biosensors and a smartphone
  • Service: proactive noninvasive diagnostics
    • Linked with the cloud service with access to user’s personal account;
    • Notifications sent to personal doctor/relatives in case of critical states;
    • Patient condition prediction based on the changes in vital signals.
  • Vital signals : cardiogram, level of lactic acid/glucose, blood pressure, temperature, skin moisture &  MOCAP 6DOF sensors for rehab and training.