ARNEGA-MED equips your medical staff with the most necessary diagnostic devices that provide automatic collection of diagnostic data and its further transfer in real time mode or results saved offline through organized networks.

ARNEGA-MED ensures a quick setup of all the necessary medical devices and equipment and allows to use this equipment both autonomously and as part of the whole ARNEGA communication system.

The use of ARNEGA-MED allows to increase the effectiveness of medical aid provided as well as monitor the patient during his/her hospitalization/transportation.

ARNEGA-MED includes the following equipment:

  • waterproof & dustproof suitcase (IP 67 protection class);
  • power supply system (power supply unit, re chargeable batteries, battery charger);
  • express diagnostic wireless medical devices:
    • ECG (12-leads);
    • blood pressure meter;
    • pulse oxymeter;
    • glucometer;
    • stethoscope;
    • thermometer;
    • tablet PC.
  • other optional equipment:
    • ultrasound equpment;
    • x-ray equipment;
    • blood analyzer;
    • urine analyzer;
    • reograph;
    • other necessary equipment.

Equipment may vary depending on the requirements. The data monitored can be automatically integrated into the electronic medical history of a patient. All included medical devices are registered and certified.

Locking mechanisms ensure the efficiency of opening a suitcase in an emergency situation. Protection against inadvertent opening.

There are special compartments inside the medical suitacase for securing each device in place.

Suitcase size: 47 x 37.50 x 17.6 cm

Weight a fully-loaded case: 8 kg

Storage temperature:  from –40°C to +60°C.

ARNEGA-MED also includes a specialized customized software – a doctor’s decision support system implemented in a form of a medical interactive directory of various traumas and injuries and tips to on how to treat them.  See attached screenshots. The language of the interface can be adapted upon request.


ARNEGA-MED is fully compatible with ARNEGA-COMPACT.