Arnega DSTI Pro

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Complete system Arnega DSTI supplemented with coupling, hood and hard case for storing and carrying all the kit. This complex is effective to perform search and rescue operations, technical inspection of infrastructure, aerial photography, and manage deployment of forces and means. The complex is equipped with two interchangeable cameras operating in visible and IR ranges. The modular architecture allows additional installation of weather sensors, means of conducting radiation and chemical reconnaissance, environmental and lighting equipment.

In unmanned systems includes:
1. Quadcopter Inspire;
2. Thermal imaging camera Zenmuse XT with a resolution of 336 to 256 or 640 by 512 pixels and radiometry functions. 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal ensures that a panorama 320 degrees. Support picture formats JPEG/TIF, video MP4;
3. Full 4K camera on gyro-stabilized 3-axis gimbal with complete coverage of 360 degree rotating. Supports photo JPEG/TIF, video — MP4/MOV.
4. Remote control with video feed and a range of up to 2 kilometers, HDMI, USB video outputs;
5. Tablet to control the drone.
6. Clutch to control the remote control is in cold weather.
7. Sun shade to protect the screen from light.
8. Hard case for storing and carrying the set. Degree of protection IP67.