The prospection requires simple methods of mineral searching and permanent monitoring of progress. Many tasks can be solved from the air using aeromagnetic scanners, thermal vision, multispectral and common cameras installed on the unmanned flying platform. Aerial survey enables to reach the most difficult terrain and decreases risks for the human life.

Unmanned aerial systems are indispensable in dump exploration, for estimation of slope stability, imploding works control and for accurate mapping of quarry walls. Also it makes possible to spot the optimal path for heavy trucks. Moreover, an important ecological problem is the monitoring of land reclamation in the area of the mineral extraction, damage assessment. It becomes possible with multispectral cameras.

One of the most promising methods of mineral search is the multispectral analysis of reflective properties of plants and soil above the mineral deposits. This method allows determining size and borders of field. Using unmanned aerial systems provides higher resolution then satellite survey.